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LYNNWOODDate: Monday, April 15, 2019
Work SessionPlace:City Hall Council Chambers
7:00 PMAComments and Questions on Memo Items
7:05 PMBInterview: Parks and Recreation Board Applicant Nick Coelho
7:15 PMCDiscussion: April 29, 2019 Joint Executive/Council Summit
8:15 PMDBreak
8:25 PMEExecutive Session, if needed
8:30 PMFMayor Comments and Questions
8:35 PMGCouncil President and Council Comments
Memorandums for Future Agenda Items:
M-1Interlocal Agreement for Commute Trip Reduction
M-2Resolution: Adopt Amendment to 2012 Water Comprehensive Plan
M-3Proposed Ordinance - Exposing Children to Domestic Violence
Memorandums for Your Information:
Contact: Executive Office (425) 670-5001
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